The Feeling of Doing

a Barter Amateur Theatre kitchen-table performance for 1 actor and 1 spectator

An intimate performance about theatricality and cruelty, The Feeling of Doing  requires a single willing co-performer, one spectator, and a kitchen. Ready to perform? I'll provide everything we need to entertain your spectator and make you a star. The Feeling of Doing  is the current Barter Amateur Theatre project.

How to book this show:

The Feeling of Doing  is mobile and easy to host. A kitchen of almost any configuration, a willing performer, and a willing spectator are all that's needed--I bring everything else with me (a limited number of bystanders may also be present.) To find out where I am actively seeking gigs, check the blog. Or just email me and we'll see what we can do. If you want to perform it, so do I.

Who Should Perform This Show:

There really aren't any requirements except that you're into it, and you can hear/read and repeat English text with some confidence (really, I've worked with a several "co-stars" with varying degrees of second-language English confidence, and if you can read this web page we can probably make this work). If you have a performance background, you will certainly bring specific assets to the show that will be enjoyable. Even if you just like clowning around that will probably add to things. But the piece can also be strengthened if you're just a really good listener, or a really thoughtful person.

What will the performance be like?

From load-in to post-show discussion, the piece lasts less than an hour, although the run time varies quite a bit. For the performer, the experience is really a set of performance challenges, from acting scenes with me where you are prompted by audio cues over headphones, to performing solo speeches from visual prompts, to improving and even performing karaoke with me. It's fun. For the spectator, it's a an unusual experience in that you're at a show directed soly toward you alone. There's not a lot of directly messing with the audience, but the performer who's invited you will be focused on you pretty intently. Bystanders, if any, can expect to be ignored, mocked, and pandered to by turns.

Preparing for the performance

You don't need to do much ahead of my arrival. The ideal setting is a kitchen with a table that has room for the three of us, my laptop, and a few other things. I'll need access to the sink and a single stove burner. If any of these things is missing or unusual, let me know ahead, but we can probably make it work, which is part of the fun of the project. Your spectator (and any bystanders) don't need to do anything in advance.