Pouring coffee during a performance of The Feeling of Doing

The Feeling of Doing

An intimate performance about theatricality and cruelty, The Feeling of Doing requires a single willing co-performer, one spectator, and a kitchen. The current "Barter Amateur Theatre" project--as seen in Europe, North Africa, and the US--is now available for booking in Australia.

Michael in the forest performing Mike's Dumpling Cart

Other Performance Works

Information about other recent and on-going projects and work-in-progress.


Writing about performance, cruelty, human rights, food, animals, and social practice art/performance.


Michael also collaborates with Laurie Beth Clark under the name Spatula&Barcode to make social practice performance works, usually involving food and the grammar of hospitality.

About Michael

college teacher
culture scholar
performance artist

Michael Peterson teaches at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, writes about contemporary performance, and makes both performance art pieces and "social" performance works.



Barter Amateur Theatre

mutually produced experiences

  • a non-monetary exchange of efforts
  • scaled for self-organizing ensembles
  • exploring implications of face-to-face
  • partially a secret
  • not necessarily nice

What Else Is Michael Good For?

Michael would love to talk to you about:

  • Performance & Popular Culture

    --especially Las Vegas
  • Non-Human Animals in Performance

    --and how ideas about acting work in the artworld, pop culture, etc.
  • Teaching Performance Art, Performance Studies, & Cultural Criticism

    --where making culture is often a path to critiquing it